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What is Nutritional Coaching?

Nutritional Coaching gives you the knowledge and tools you need to ensure your body is getting everything it needs. 

I currently offer Nutritional Coaching for weight management and with this offer advice and education on how to eat correctly for your body's energy requirments in a way that support your goals. 

Nutritional Coaching with BKY Fitness & Nutrition is an ongoing weekly consultation with support, guidance and food diary analysis to ensure you are eating as well as you can. 

It's not about what foods are 'good' or 'bad', it's about eating intuitively and ensuring you hit the energy requirements you need. I encourage all clients to eat a healthy balance of everything - including the things you like that you've been conditioned for so long are 'bad' for you. 

The BKY approach is that all food is good food, some are just a little less nutritious than others. 

Through food diary analysis, in-depth conversations of your habits and behvaiours around food and weekly accountability sessions I can help you create a sustainable approach to changing your nutirtional intake and help you reach your goals. 

I will educate you on everything you need to continue maintaining your own weight and susatining your new healthy and balanced lifestyle even after our sessions have finished. We will cover everything from the energy balances that take place daily in your body to understanding the chemical compounds of the foods you're eating and how to decipher this on their food labels! 

As part of my Nutirtional Coaching you will receive a selection of my nutritional e-books for free. 

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Nutritional Coaching Packages


Nutritional Coaching Packages



Free initial consultation
First appointment
6x weekly sessions



Free Initial consultation
First appointment
8x weekly sessions



Free Initial consultation
First appointment
12x weekly sessions


Pay-As-You-Go /
Session description

Initial Consultation


An initial chat (30-45mins) to better understand your goals and desired outcomes. Initial body composition, food diary analysis and lifestyle questionnaire.

First appointment


A 30 minute appointment for me to outline your nutritional plan, including your personal nutritional goals and calculated calories and macronutrients.
An in-depth discussion on adherence, set-backs and plan of action.

Weekly Check-In


30 minute appointments once a week in person or via video call.

Food diary analysis & body composition

Discussion on how you're feeling, your adherence and progress.

Any ammendments to calories and macros required each week will be made and sent across to you within 24 hours.

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