Online Coaching


Online Coaching ...

Online coaching is probably the most effective investment you’ll make into your fitness journey.I don’t think most people understand this or what online coaching actually is, but it’s probably the most affordable and time-effective way to get full personal trainer coaching + nutritional guidance to fit around your lifestyle!


1 - Get a gym / home training plan created specifically for you and your goals by a qualified professional. Forget the 1 PT session a week life, this is 3-6 (maybe more / less) workouts programmed for you each week to follow in your own time, wherever you are!

2 - Nutrition advice & plans designed and targeted specifically towards your goals and your preferences. Ever heard that saying ‘Abs are made in the kitchen’ well it’s true & online coaching includes nutritional guidance and support to ensure you’re happy & non-restrictive!! 

3 - Constant support & advice from me, your PT, whenever you need it! With in-app messaging, online coaching means I’m there for you when you need me!

4 - Weekly check-in calls. These weekly calls / check-ins are for us to analyse your progress & see how you’re adhering to your plan. We can make amendments where necessary and this is your chance to ask me anything!

5 - Fit your workouts in around your life! Don’t feel pressured by set times / days to attend in-person PT session - busy mum? No worries - workout at home around your babies! Busy with work? Not a problem! Fit your workouts in when you can!

6 - BEST OF ALL… get ALL of this for the SAME price as 5x 1-1 PT sessions! £150 a month may sound a lot, but when you break it down you get SO much more for your money 


Online Coaching

1:1 Coaching

3-5x weekly workouts programmed for your specific goals, likes, dislikes and fitness levels for home or gym.

Nutritional guidance pack, personalised calories and macronutrient desired levels calculated.

Weekly check-ins

24/7 support 

Immediate FREE access to my latest e-books.

Free gift on enrollment.

Price varies on commitment package

8 or 12 Week Programmes

A Home or Gym programme to follow via my app over 8 or 12 weeks.

Weekly in-app check-ins.

Accountability group chat with like minded, driven people.

1x Weight loss Hypnotherapy group session via zoom.

1x mini recipe e-book

Be part of the #stronggirlssquad

Combined Package

1:1 Online Coaching including weekly training programme and everything that comes with 1:1 coaching. 


4x 1 Hour 1:1 Personal Training Sessions at BKY Fitness & Nutrition in Calne. 

Price varies on commitment package