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Hey, I'm Beky

An online fitness & nutrition coach. Providing you with full support to help you get in the best shape of your life.

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My Mission

I help women lose body fat & build a healthy relationship with food & fitness WITHOUT restriction. 

💗ED Recovery Coaching 

My Why

I spent most of my teenage years worried about how I looked. Was I too ‘big’? I was always worried about my belly ‘pooch’, whether I had a thigh gap and what people thought of me. Was I eating too much? (spoiler alert - I wasn’t eating enough). Looking back at those years now, I realise I was probably suffering with body dysmorphia and towards the later years of my teens, also an eating disorder (that I was very good at hiding from everyone) and I used exercise (specifically cardio) to try and be as small as I possibly could.  Of course, it didn’t work and I found myself to be a serial yo-yo dieter and never felt comfortable or confident in my own skin. I built up a damaging relationship with food and I was never happy within myself. Since growing through my own fitness and nutrition journey and building my own relationships with exercise and food to a much better place, I realised that I didn’t want anyone else to suffer the way I did. I started BKY Coaching as a way to help women like me increase their knowledge and build a sustainable lifestyle around fitness and nutrition that would last.  I now help 100s of women feel their most confident and feel at peace with their bodies, through weight loss / weight gain transformations that are sustainable and built on foundations of education and my lived experience.  I not only give my clients the tools and insane accountability to make these initial changes, but I help them ensure they are changes that will last a lifetime. By building up the required habits and relationships with food and fitness throughout their journey with me, I ensure the knowledge and practices they’ve learnt along the way will see them continuing with these routines long after their coaching comes to an end.

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1:1 Coaching

"Simple science-based coaching to help you achieve your goals, in a way that fits your lifestyle."

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